The Native Sun Farm Story

Native Sun Farm is owned and operated by the Lopp family.  The Chief Farming Officers (CFO's) are Brent and Amy Lopp.  The pair spent a few years cavorting in Fort Collins, Colorado after graduation from UGA, before embarking on a six month sabbatical to thru-hike all 2,176 miles of the Appalachian Trail. After all that time in the woods pondering their future, they decided to return home to Georgia and their lovely families. They spent their first year back in Georgia diving head-first into the "food revolution" that is sweeping through our culture, delving deep into writings by Michael Pollan, raising backyard chickens and eating from their own garden.  

When the opportunity to begin farming on nearby family land in Bogart, they seized it, and Native Sun Farm was born.  The first earth was turned in November of 2009 and since then there has been no looking back.

Native Sun Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown farm comprised of about 11 acres and at any time has about two acres under cultivation. We grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit and raise happy hens for eggs. We love what we do, and we believe in it.  We strive to provide the freshest, tastiest and most sustainable food we can to the people who live and serve in our community.

Why local?

What's the best way to know that what you're eating is good for you?  Know the person who grew it.  It's a little bit scary that we often know so little about what we put in our bodies.  Most of the "food" in our modern society is grown on gigantic corporate farms, transported to factories to be processed and packaged, and then shipped thousands of miles to the flourescent-lit grocery store aisles where we can snatch up practically anything without a second thought of where it came from or how it was grown.  Marketing has taught food manufacturers that healthy sells, so they use every trick in the

book to make unhealthy, processed foods appear healthy.  Your food shouldn't be a mystery and you shouldn't need a Wikipedia page to explain to you what the ingredients are!  Buying locally or growing your own is the best way to guarantee that what you put into your body is safe and nutritious.  Native Sun Farm prides itself on running a completely transparent operation.  You can buy your food from the very property it was grown on, shake hands with the farmer and throw some scratch to the chickens.  No secrets, no compromises.  Just real food.